We understand the challenges of the tourism industry and have helped communities successfully attract more tourism for the past 20+ years. We have sat on CVB boards, developed marketing strategies, and recruited funding for implementation to increase the number of tourists and heads-in-bed. Good data is the foundational intelligence necessary to develop and implement a successful strategy, review those results, iterate and redeploy. See Source is Big Data designed with this objective in mind. We will save you time and money by being your personal data expert, so you can use your expertise to determine the actions needed to reach your goals and get more visitors.

With household level demographic and psychographic data you don’t need to do surveys to know in great detail who’s visiting you. You can know by month and by venue who your visitors are and find more just like them through our lookalike audience creation.

Retargeting hotel guests from the past three years, geofencing hotel guests from competing or similar locations and creating lookalike audiences of past hotel guests are powerful tools to increasing hotel occupancy. Our data allows you to identify and place ads to these audiences by season, POI, day of week, etc.

No more guessing keywords or audiences. See Source data helps you identify audiences that are highly likely to visit you because they have done so in the past or visited communities or venues similar to yours. You can also create lookalike audiences based on the demographics and psychographics of your visitors by month. You can place ads right to the devices of those identified and track how many of them showed up by using See Source geolocation data.

The days or relying on clicks and impressions to determine success is over. Now you can know how many of the people you served an ad stayed in one of your hotels or other attractions in town.

Knowing where people like to go when they visit your community helps you know what to market to which groups. Sometimes it’s knowing what people aren’t visiting that provides the most insight because we can promote venues visitors are missing, which can increase room-nights or their desire to return.

One of the core objectives of tourism is economic development. With credit card spending data you will know which visitors spend the most, and the areas of town where they are spending money and the comparison between local and visitor spending.

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