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We understand the challenges of the tourism industry and have helped communities successfully attract more tourism for the past 20+ years.  We have sat on CVB boards, developed marketing strategies, and recruited funding for implementation to increase the number of tourists and heads-in-bed. Good data is the foundational intelligence necessary to develop and implement a successful strategy, review those results, iterate and redeploy.  See Source is Big Data designed with this objective in mind.  We will save you time and money by being your personal data expert, so you can use your expertise to determine the actions needed to reach your goals and get more visitors.

You have questions. We have answers.

How many visitors do we have today and who are they?

# Visitors & Their Profile

Your customized dashboard will provide the total number of visitors to your community, and the specific destinations within your community that you choose. We can show you the days of the week and times of day—down to 15 minute intervals—that they visited.  This mobile device data will be paired with demographic data you choose to define your individualized Visitor Profile.

Which visitors spend the most?

Visitor Spending

Cell phone GPS data combined with credit card spending and demographic data identifies:

  • City, zip code and demographics of top spenders
  • Spending by category (retail, restaurants, rentals, sporting goods, accommodations, etc.)
  • Breakdown of spending between locals, regional visitors and tourists

Which of our attractions are most popular, how many visit & how long do they stay?

Most Popular Attractions

Our basic plans allow you to pick 6 sites to examine the following:

  • Total # visitors & their origin -Year-over-year comparisons
  • Length of stay (15 min. increments) -Baseline yourself against other communities/attractions
  • Visitation by day of week/time of day -Add more sites for a small additional monthly fee

How are we doing relative to our competitors?

Competitor Data

See Source can provide your competitors’ numbers for visitors (down to an hourly level), length of stay and if they are seeing increases and decreases in their visitation.  You can also see how their visitor profile differs from yours.  This data is revealing and inspiring in terms of what can be done to capture more of the pie.  By using your competitor’s data as a control group, you can also see if your increases in visitors are matching a regional trend, are a reflection of the larger economy or are the result of an effective marketing campaign.

How do I utilize Visitor Personas for my destination?

Visitor Persona

See Source can create a visitor persona for the current and upcoming seasons with the demographic and psychographic attributes of those who have previously visited each Point of Interest (POI) identified in your community. We can then create a look-a-like audience based on the persona, and place ads to the mobile devices of the look-a-like audiences.

Which marketing campaigns produce the best results?

Marketing Results

Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker reportedly said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  Your See Source dashboard can eliminate this conundrum by informing you as to what campaigns had a positive effect and which did not by tracking the hard data of those who showed up from the areas to which you marketed. 

Your customized dashboard can provide a cost per new visitor and can show you where you are losing/gaining market share.

How do I access Advertiser ID's (Ad-ID) to market our target audiences?

Advertiser ID Marketing

A mobile advertiser ID is an Apple or Android identifier or a Facebook User ID. See Source can create lists targeting visitors using Advertiser ID’s for your marketing campaigns. Location tracking, web behavior, and purchase data is tracked, anonymized, aggregated and matched to information like census data. See Source captures the mobile advertiser ID’s and can plug in demographic and psychographic parameters to identify audiences. If you have a tourist destination and want to use Ad-ID based location targeting to reach an audience that is:  25-34 years old, likes to hike, and frequents mountain and lake locations, See Source can find look-a-like audience for your marketing and advertisement campaigns.

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