Market Advisory Reports

Ever wish that you could see where your community’s visitors are coming from, and which ones spend the most money? Ever stumbled when you saw how expensive that data typically is?

Enter See Source.

We designed our market advisory reports with an eye toward affordability while still providing the data and analytics that allow you to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of marketing and tourism promotion budgets. For a low monthly subscription (based on your community’s population) you will have access to custom, timely and easy to interpret analysis. We will show you who is spending money in your community, dive deep into understanding your profitable regions and will show you the specific home zip codes of consumers that spend the most money within your community.

Profitable Regions

We’ll also show you the breakdown of spending within major retail categories (lodging, restaurants, etc.) local vs. visitor/tourist spending and how your economy is performing over time. Our reports are updated and delivered each month (Advanced and Premium service), and every 6 months the reports include summarized recommendations on how to make the most of the data.

SS Member Plans (no prices)

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