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How many attend our event, where do they come from and how long do they stay?

Event Attendance

Our cell phone GPS data can tell you who attended your event, how long they stayed, what days were best attended and how you compared to previous years.  You’ll receive an attendee profile along with the zip codes of where attendees came from so that you know where to focus your marketing dollars.  We can also show you what zip codes saw increased or decreased attendance.

How can we demonstrate to sponsors that our event is successful and deserves more funding?

Prove Your Success

Our data provides concrete evidence of success by showing attendance from attendees in and out of state and will compare those results to previous years.  Sponsors can have the data they need to know that their investment is paying dividends.  Make getting grants much easier with third-party professional verification of attendance and attendee origin.

How can we attract more sponsors and vendors?

Get More Sponsors and Vendors

See Source can tell you what stores attendees visited before and after the event.  This can serve as a list of potential sponsors as it can show store owners that supporting your event is good for their business! Woo potential vendors by factually demonstrating the number of people who are attending, how long they stay at the event and that your event is increasing in attendance.

Where should marketing dollars be spent?

Where to Market

See Source can show you where your current marketing dollars are paying off and where your dollars are being wasted, thanks to the cell phone GPS data and your marketing spend data by zip code. Customized tables can show marketing dollars spent per new visitor.  See Source can also show what zip codes are seeing more visitors and which are seeing fewer attend.  You can also benchmark your event against other similar or competing events to see if your results are matching others or if your marketing efforts are attracting new event goers.  The data provided will also create an attendee profile for your event so you know the zip codes and the specific consumer type to which you should be marketing.  This will save wasted marketing dollars and help those dollars spent to drive better results.

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