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Who are my customers?


See Source knows how many customers you have every month, what zip codes they come from and the customer profile of your patrons.  You determine the characteristics that are most important to you in a customer profile and we will build that chart for you.  Demographics such as age, educational attainment, household income, homeowner vs. renter, number of children, ethnicity, and much, much more are available.

Am I gaining or losing market share?


We can show you in what neighborhoods you are gaining or losing customers.  When you run a marketing campaign, we can track your spending by zip code against the number of new customers to see what your cost per new customer was.  We can also show if a campaign helped you gain market share against competitors you identify. 

Do I have more customers because the economy is strong or because we are marketing well?


Benchmarking against a control sample allows you to know if your revenue is going up because of general market conditions or if you are increasing your market share relative to competitors.  See Source data also allow you to see operational issues early on so that corrective action can be taken before significant loss of revenue occurs.  Monitoring the total # of customers, length of time in the store, day of week and time of day of your stores against one another and against competitor stores gives you a clear picture of what is working well and where adjustments need to be made.

How many customers do my competitors have and are they stealing my customers?


Knowing your competition has been an important part of business since free markets we established.  Now you don’t have to guess about what your competitors are doing.  See Source can provide you with the same information for your customers and theirs: total # customers, demographics of their customers, time of day/day of week customer numbers, etc.  You can also monitor their marketing efforts to see if their new promotion or sale is stealing your customers and increasing their market share. See Source can also provide you a map of your customers routes to and from your store, as well as those of your competitor(s).  This can be helpful in placing directional signage or billboards.

Where are the underserved markets?


Would you like to see where there are underserved markets in your trade area?  We can show you in very visual ways where you are dominating the market and what markets are still underserved.  As you develop strategies to gain a stronger presence in those underserved markets, we can monitor those efforts to show if you are making progress and what the cost per new customer is. 

Can this data help us improve existing store operational performance?


See Source data can help identify operational issues within you stores.  You can have a clear and early picture of what is going right or wrong by monitoring the number of customers, where customers are coming from, how long they stay and what time of day and days of the week are busiest by comparing  stores against themselves and other stores over time.

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