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Why See Source

See Source was born from Better City, nationally award-winning economic development consulting and implementation company. This data set and approach was born out of the need to help Better City’s clients understand who their exiting visitors are, which of them spend the most money and where to find more visitors like them. There are other companies who provide similar data, but their solutions are very expensive, hard to interpret and narrow in their scope.  See Source provides copious amounts of data that is easy to interpret and manipulate because it’s customized to the needs of every customer via a personalized, live dashboard.

We have access to cell phone GPS data of more than 200 million cell phones in the US and validate accuracy our geolocation data through a double-ping verification process. Our consumer spending data is derived from about a third of all US credit card spending, assuring it’s an accurate representative sampling.  The See Source demographic data comes from the most reliable sources, such as the American Community Survey.

Our proprietary combination and analysis of the data sets displays the information in an easy to interpret formats that are relevant to your industry and unique circumstances.  We are anti-cookie cutter.

Each customer receives their charts, graphs, tables and maps on a customized dashboard.  This means you will get the information you want, arranged in the easiest way for you to read.  See Source will set it up however you would like and you can change it at any time.  

Most charts are also capable of being manipulated by the customer to see specific pieces of information and over specific periods of time.  Our Business Intelligence (BI) platform partner has been ranked #1 by PC Magazine and Database Trends & Applications for three straight years.

We pride ourselves in having the best data, that is the easiest to interpret and manipulate at the lowest price.  It’s a bold claim, and we invite you to do your own analysis to verify it! 

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Million plus cell
phones providing
GPS data


Million credit
cards providing
spending data

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Intelligence platform
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You have questions.  We have answers.

How many visitors do we have today and who are they?
Your customized dashboard will tell you the total number of visitors to your community as a whole and to specific venues within your community that you choose.
Which visitors spend the most?
Cell phone GPS data combined with credit card spending and demographic data identifies: City, zip code and demographics of top spenders.
What attractions are most popular? How many visitors go there and how long do they stay?
Our plans allow you to select 6 sites for cell phone GPS data. This allows you to view sites within your community that you believe are the main destinations.
Which marketing campaigns produce the best results?
Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker reportedly said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”
How are we doing relative to our competitors?
See Source can provide your competitors’ numbers for visitors (down to an hourly level), length of stay and if they are seeing increases and decreases in their visitation.
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See Source

See Source was spun off of Better City, a nationally recognized economic
development consulting company, which was founded in 2012. 



Get More Visitors

Get more customers

Who are my customers?
See Source knows how many customers you have every month, what zip codes they come from and the customer profile of your patrons.
Am I gaining or losing market share?
We can show you in what neighborhoods you are gaining or losing customers. When you run a marketing campaign we can track your spending by zip code
Do I have more customers because the economy is strong or because we are marketing well?
Benchmarking against a control sample allows you to know if your revenue is going up because of general market conditions or if you are increasing
How many customers do my competitors have and are they stealing my customers?
Knowing your competition has been an important part of business since free markets we established. Now you don’t have to guess about what your competitors are doing.
Where are the underserved markets?
Would you like to see where there are underserved markets in your trade area. We can show you in very visual ways where you are dominating
Can this data help us improve existing store operational performance?
See Source data can help identify operational issues within you stores. You can have a clear and early picture of what is going right or wrong by monitoring

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